Michael Schwan: Fine Art Photgraphy

In focus of the photography of Michael Schwan are the abandoned places. For this passion he travels from his home in Germany to unknown places throughout Europe. As a reward await him not only marvelous photos on his journey but also an insight into the beauty, the decay and the nostalgia of bygone days

Michael Schwan was born in 1988 and is today 30 years old. Growing up in Saarbrücken, he discovered the fascination of photography early on. But when he came to the limited possibilities of his small camera at the age of just 18, he quickly needed something more professional. Parallel to his style finding, he took his engineering studies in the field of materials science in Freiberg near Dresden, where he quickly became the first point of contact for academic-photographic projects.

For this one he makes for example a book about the Museum pieces of the university. What began as a creative balance to otherwise very rational materials research quickly became an indispensable passion.

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