The beauty of decay
-Lost Places-

Here I show the most beautiful and impressive pictures from Lost Places in my art series "The beauty of becay".

Most people in the city rush around and they have no time to look back into the past. I want them to remind of the history. To places that man has given up and forgotten more and more. Such lost places have a special magic for me. In addition, await me not only marvelous photos on my journey but also an insight into the beauty, the decay and the nostalgia of bygone days Whether filled with rich decorative elements or by spartan furniture, the elements left speak to the former glory of these abandoned spaces. In fact, by focusing on a wide range of locations, I make it clear that nowhere is safe from the march of time.

Therefore I want to visit Lost Places. Above all, I document the beauty for posterity. At some point nobody will remember these treasures anymore. But what stories were in the places can only tell us the walls. However they can't tell us and it remains as a mystery of these mystical lost places. In conclusion, the question where are these mysterious places? Who used them and why were they left behind? Unfortunately, we will never know the correct answer.

The world of Lost Places: Follow me and join me on a journey into another world!

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